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Eisejuaz by Sara Gallardo

In 1968, the Buenos Aires-born writer and journalist Sara Gallardo travelled to the small town of Embarcación in Salta, a province in the north-west of Argentina. There she met and interviewed Lisandro Vega, also known by his indigenous name Eisejuaz. … Continue reading

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The Great Untranslated: Neuromaani by Jaakko Yli-Juonikas

The problems with Yli-Juonikas’ experimental 650-page novel Neuromaani start already with the title. According to translator Douglas Robinson, who mentions this book in an interview for The Collidescope, the ambiguous title can be translated as Neuronovel, Neuromaniac, or My Neurocountry. … Continue reading

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The Most Violent Paradise (El más violento paraíso) by Alexánder Obando

The first sentence of the blurb to the second edition of Alexánder Obando’s novel reads: “The critics have been unanimous in their reception of The Most Violent Paradise: in Costa Rican literature there is now a before and an after … Continue reading

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