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Foremost of Noblewomen (Cima delle nobildonne) by Stefano D’Arrigo

Roughly in the middle of Stefano D’Arrigo’s second novel, Professor Amadeus Planika, a Stockholm-based expert in placentology, has a delirious vision. In the glass door of the veranda, he sees the reflection of three Rabbis from a Hasidic legend. There … Continue reading

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Boötes (Bootes) by Miquel de Palol

Boötes is Miquel de Palol’s latest big novel in what can be now considered a loose trilogy about the Game of the Fragmentation. The other two novels, in the chronological order of the narrated events, are The Testament of Alcestis … Continue reading

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The Untranslated Book Club

I have decided to add another tier to my Patreon—The Untranslated Book Club. Please do not rush to join it yet and read carefully what I have to say. The main goal of the Book Club is to encourage learners … Continue reading

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