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The Game of Contemporaneity (Игры современников, 同時代ゲーム) by Kenzaburō Ōe

The title of Kenzaburō Ōe’s 1979 novel Dōjidai Gemu has been translated in a variety of ways. In Vladimir Grivnin’s Russian translation that I have read the book is called The Games of Contemporaries, but I have decided to keep … Continue reading

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Interview with Max Lawton: on reading Russian literature, translating Sorokin, books in need of translation and retranslation, learning languages, and ambitious projects

We finished this interview a month ago when even in the worst nightmare I could not have conceived that the deranged Kremlin dictator would launch an open, full-scale invasion of Ukraine. If we were talking now, this conversation would definitely … Continue reading

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Romance of the Stone of the Kingdom and the Prince of Coming-and-Going Blood (Romance d’A Pedra do Reino e o Príncipe do Sangue do Vai-e-Volta) by Ariano Suassuna

The word sertão is often translated as “backlands”, albeit to the Brazilians it denotes a specific region in the northeast of the country. Its area is approximately 250,000 square miles and the predominant relief is that of low uplands covered … Continue reading

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