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Merlin or the Waste Land (Merlin oder Das wüste Land) by Tankred Dorst (in collaboration with Ursula Ehler)

If you, like myself, have suffered through Thomas Malory’s indigestible Le Morte Darthur, you would feel vindicated by the large-scale deconstruction of the Arthurian romances undertaken by Tankred Dorst and his collaborator Ursula Ehler in this epic play. The 1981 premiere of Merlin in … Continue reading

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Forthcoming: Complete Translation of The Last Days of Mankind

If there is one thing that I passionately hate it is abridged translation. In my book, a work which is not fully translated is the same as untranslated. Colour me idealist, perfectionist,  utopist or whatever you please. If we are not talking … Continue reading

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