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The Monogram (Монограмма) by Alexander Ivanchenko

Lenin in 1918: “They, the kulaks and freeloaders, are no less formidable enemies than the capitalists and landowners. If the kulak remains untouched, if we do not defeat the freeloaders, the czar and the capitalist will inevitably return.” Stalin in … Continue reading

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Illarion and the Dwarf (Илларион и Карлик) by Vladimir Gubin

Vladimir Gubin has remained in the history of Russian literature as the author of one work, which he kept reworking and polishing for 15 years, from 1981 to 1996. I’d like to start my review with two dismissals of this … Continue reading

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Interview with Max Lawton: On reading Russian literature, translating Sorokin, books in need of translation and retranslation, learning languages, and ambitious projects

We finished this interview a month ago when even in the worst nightmare I could not have conceived that the deranged Kremlin dictator would launch an open, full-scale invasion of Ukraine. If we were talking now, this conversation would definitely … Continue reading

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