Group Read of José Trigo: The Final Event at The Untranslated Book Club Before It Closes Down

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On February 6, 2023, we are starting our group read of Fernando del Paso’s masterpiece José Trigo, which is going to be the last event at The Untranslated Book Club. If you have at least an intermediate level in Spanish and feel like challenging yourself by reading what I consider to be the Latin American Ulysses, you are welcome to join The Untranslated Book Club tier on my Patreon. The best time to do that is from February 2 to February 6 to avoid being double-charged by the platform. The group read will last four months. As usual, I take it upon myself to send you weekly instalments of the Reader’s Guide with a detailed glossary, which will save you hours of looking up difficult words, explanatory notes, and a summary of each reading passage. Every month, on a Sunday, we are going to have an audio chat on my Discord channel to discuss what we have read in the past four weeks. I am also planning to post there some additional materials and useful links related to the events narrated in the novel to make your reading experience more rewarding. This is indeed the last group read that I am going to host, and when we have finished tackling José Trigo, The Untranslated Book Club will close down for good. For those who are going to participate: you can get any edition of the novel you like, but, in case you wish to read the same edition that I am going to use, please buy the one with the sunflowers on the cover (Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2015).

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8 Responses to Group Read of José Trigo: The Final Event at The Untranslated Book Club Before It Closes Down

  1. IronMike says:

    Sorry to hear this. Was hoping it would be madly successful, and then you’d add Russian. 😉

  2. Guaclaac says:

    despite my inability to partake in the reading club, it is unfortunate to see that you are getting burnt out, but glad that you are realizing it and ending it instead of forcing yourself through it. do you know of any books (besides solenoid) that you have written about that have been translated?

    • The Garden of Seven Twilights and Summa Kaotica

      • Guaclaac says:

        seeing Miquel de pall recognized fills me with great joy and anticipation of maybe seeing the troiachord in English one day! one can dream I guess. a question, do you have a review you have done that you are fond of? not necessarily for the book but you felt the most contempt with your writing.

  3. Andrew says:

    So sorry to hear this. My Spanish isn’t advanced enough yet, so will you still have your notes up and available on Patreon even after the book club closes?

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